Loan Services

Extended Warranty

Chemco Federal Credit Union now offers to our members an extended warranty on their auto loan at the time of financing. With the high cost of repairs this is a good investment for your auto.

GAP Protection Insurance

Financing the whole purchase on your auto? We provide GAP Protection insurance which pays the difference between your insurance company settlement and your loan balance plus your deductible if your auto is stolen or is a total lose in the event of an accident.

Loan Protection

Temporary Disability is available at a low cost on credit union loans. This Insurance will make your payments if you become temporary or permanently disabled. Protect yourself and family.
Life Insurance is also available to our members on our loans at a low cost to our members.

Member Insurance

Chemco Federal Credit Union offers all types of insurance for our members needs:

  • Life Savings Insurance
  • Cancer & Dread Disease Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Gap Insurance